Report a Missing Person

This page allows you to report a missing persons and to seek information about a person already reported as missing to ICMP. If you wish to seek information about a person already reported missing, you may click here. You will be asked for the verification code provided to you at the time you reported the person missing.

If you wish to report a person as missing who has not previously been reported to ICMP, please complete the form below. Below, you may also upload a photograph of the missing person to the OIC MyFace application. The photograph will be visible to the public, and members of the public can report to the OIC if they have seen the missing person alive and in what circumstances.

In the event that you wish to submit lists or databases containing information on missing persons you may click here or email us at


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MyFace consent: * Missing persons may have been seen alive. You can publish a photograph of a missing person on the OIC MyFace application. The photograph can be seen by anyone who accesses MyFace. Anyone who has seen the missing person can provide information about his or her whereabouts by clicking on the photograph. This information will not be visible to the public. Only a photograph of the missing person can be uploaded to MyFace. NO additional personal data - such as name, last known contact details or date of birth - can be included with the photograph.

To upload a photograph to MyFace, and to allow anyone to see the photograph and to submit information about the missing person, you must agree to the following:

"I understand and agree that by uploading a photograph to MyFace I make it publicly known that the person in the photograph is considered by me as disappeared or missing and at risk, and that the photograph may be seen by anyone. ICMP will forward to me any response or information about the missing person that may be received on MyFace, provided the response is not evidently illegal, fraudulent or false. I understand that I have the right to remove the photograph at any time, either by myself, or by asking ICMP to do so. ICMP will remove the photograph in the event that the person in the photograph objects to the photograph being shown on MyFace. ICMP will not be responsible for any legal claims for compensation or damages, whether by the person in the photograph or by me, in conjunction with the photograph appearing on MyFace or being removed from MyFace."

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