ICMP Online Inquiry Center

Welcome to the ICMP Online Inquiry Center.

ICMP’s Online Inquiry Center (OIC) is a tool to provide information or obtain information about a missing person. It is an online resource that can be accessed by families of the missing and others.

Developed on the basis of ICMP’s long-standing record of helping governments, families of the missing and others, the OIC is a place where concrete and usable information is collected and stored so that it can be utilized when it is needed in the search for missing persons. Read more.

In the Inquiries section you can submit a missing person report by providing details, for example, name , date of birth, place where the missing person was last seen. If you have additional information about a missing person, you can also submit this. ICMP will only share this information with others if you agree. Please see ICMP's policy on personal data processing and protection for detailed information on how personal data is processed and protected by ICMP.

Personal data will be treated as confidential and used only for purposes for which it was provided. For further information, please contact ICMP or see ICMP's data protection policy.