ICMP Online Inquiry Center


If you want to report a missing person, please click here. You will be asked to provide basic information about the missing person, the circumstance of disappearance, and whether you agree to share this information with other relevant international and national agencies. Please see ICMP's policy on personal data processing and protection for detailed information on how personal data is processed and protected by ICMP.

If you want to inquire about the status of a missing persons case click here. You will be asked to enter the name of the missing person. Since different people may have identical or similar names, you will be asked to include the name of the missing person's father, if available. This will make the search more specific. If your inquiry fails to produce a result, you should consider the possibility that the person has been reported under a different name or that his or her name has been spelled differently.

If you wish to provide additional information regarding a missing person, please click here. You will first need to inquire about the missing person and then provide the additional information. Relatives of a missing person can help in the search for persons already reported to ICMP as missing, by providing additional information. Basic information about the missing person – name, physical description and so on – may help to locate and identify that person. In addition, where a mass DNA program has been launched in order to identify missing persons, contact details of family members of the missing will be invaluable in order to request reference samples for DNA identification.

The Site Locator allows individuals to report the details of the location of a possible clandestine grave, mass grave, or other type of site where missing persons might be located. Missing persons can be dead or alive. The user can report this information anonymously, or they can provide contact details, which could allow ICMP to assist in locating missing persons. The Site Locator is user-friendly. The minimum required information is the location. Coordinates are automatically generated from the interactive map using the cursor. The user can browse the map to find the approximate location (town, village, country) and then pinpoint the precise location.
Additional information can be provided through non-mandatory fields, including:
  1. Number of persons reported missing
  2. Estimated number of persons located at the site
  3. Estimated date when the site was created or used
  4. How the user found out about the site location
  5. Whether the user has already reported the location to someone else
  6. Description of the location
Users who would like ICMP to contact them can provide the following additional information:
  1. Name
  2. Phone Number
  3. E-mail
Once verified, ICMP submits the data to the relevant national institution/organisation to assess and take necessary follow-up action (site visit/excavation, etc.).

Personal data will be treated as confidential and used only for purposes for which it was provided. For further information, please contact ICMP or see ICMP's data protection policy.